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Luca Rutherford with collaborators

You Heard Me

Performance Dates , Time + Venue

20 - 25 August, 16.30

Zoo Southside 

 Zoo Southside (Main Stage)


Show Description

'You Heard Me' is for anyone who has been told to shut up. 

'You Heard Me' takes up space and refuses to be silenced. 

The story of one woman's power to re-make, re- mould and disrupt. This is for anyone who has been underestimated. 

Integrating a blend of visceral movement, enveloping sound and lights, Luca and her collaborators involve and immerse us in the messiness and effort of connecting to your own power. This show exists because without using her voice, Luca wouldn't. This is a loud show about quiet power.

Content Advice:  contains distressing or potentially triggering themes including sexual violence. Also contains haze, black outs, loud sound, flashing lights. For full information see the Guidance.

Photo: Simon Shaw


Artist Reviews

'a profoundly relevant piece of theatre' 

A Young(ish) Perspective 

'Rutherford's message is loud and clear: take up space. Make noise. Don't silence yourself.' West End Best Friend

Artist Video Media Presentation


Photo: Simon Shaw

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