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Here & Now is committed to programming diverse, innovative performance work, and we want to ensure that the communities of artists and audiences that we engage reflect the diversity of England’s communities. 

Our international colleagues look to Here & Now to connect with artists whose lived experience is underrepresented on stages in their own contexts, and for artists who are working in ways that will challenge perceived norms. Our Allyship with Unlimited helps us to programme disabled artists in our showcase and always pushes us to do better. 

We ensure our work and our programme is inclusive and representative by:

  • Ensuring showcased artists are representative of diverse lived experiences, which also addresses our international colleagues’ programming priorities 

  • Adopting and modelling best practice for accessible selection and programming processes 

  • Inviting a wide range of industry colleagues to nominate artists to be considered for our showcase programme 

  • Including additional budget lines for artists’ personal access costs and for audience access for showcase performances 

  • Working with partners to deliver excellent audience access for showcase performances 

  • Following best practice guidelines for on and offline communications 

  • Always welcoming access requests with kindness and care. 

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Main Image – The Dan Daw Show, Dan Daw Creative Projects, Horizon 22 © Hugo Glendinning Second image – HE’S DEAD, Marikiscrycrycy © Elise Rose

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