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We're looking forward to presenting our showcase of exceptional artists at this year's Edinburgh festivals. Full programme details to be announced in May. 

Here & Now is funded for two years, to deliver showcases in 2024 and 2025. Funding from Arts Council England was confirmed in December 2023. The Showcase 2024 programme has been curated, and Showcase 2025 will be programmed via an Open Call.
Showcase 2024 was curated via a nomination and selection process. Over 20 arts organisations and programmers from across England were invited to nominate performance works that they believe:

  • have strong appeal to international multi-artform venues and festivals presenting contemporary performance

  • which challenge ideas about what 'performance created in England' might look like, in terms of formal innovation, or who is making the work

  • which reflect the diversity of artists working in England

The final selection panel included international presenters who helped to identify the works they felt would have the strongest potential for international touring. 

If you're interested in being considered for the Here & Now Showcase in 2025, click this link for information about our upcoming Open Call.


A mid-scale solo performance inspired by a life-changing journey.

Dickson Mbi
First Trimester

A 1-to-1 interactive, durational performance that unpacks motherhood from a trans perspective.

Krishna Istha
You Heard Me

A loud solo show about quiet power.

Luca Rutherford with collaborators
Distorted Constellations

An immersive multi-sensory environment for transformative encounters.

Nwando Ebizie
L'Addition, produced by Forced Entertainment

Two performers armed with (or trapped in) a single scene.

Tim Etchells with Bert & Nasi

A solo show exploring transitions, testosterone, and the magical in the mundane.

Wet Mess

An outdoor celebration of individuality and drive for visibility.

Ziza Patrick

Image: FORGE, Rachel Mars, Horizon 23 © Lesley Martin

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