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Krishna Istha

First Trimester

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Krishna is currently working on the first two parts of their new work titled 'M:Otherhood Project' —a trilogy of performance pieces, spanning an unknown number of years to come, mirroring their journey into motherhood from a trans perspective. 'First Trimester' (Part 1) is a 1-to-1 interactive durational performance where Krishna interviews 100s of people live, in a quest to find them the “perfect” sperm donor. 

So far Krishna has spoken to 198 people across three countries & 57 hours of personal conversation witnessed by hundreds of audiences. Topics of upbringing, adoption, LGBTQIA+ experience, politics, climate change, cultural heritage and many more are explored as well as likes, dislikes, favourite films and juicy gossip as Krishna generously unpacks what it means to be a trans person hoping to have a child in today’s world.

'Second Trimester' (Part 2) is a performance piece created and performed by Krishna and their mother, Geetha, and will be performed when Krishna is finally pregnant.

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