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Nwando Ebizie

Distorted Constellations

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Show Description

'Distorted Constellations' is an immersive multi-sensory environment inspired by the artist's mythic interpretation of the neurological syndrome, Visual Snow, which causes her to see an augmented reality of Seurat-like pointillist dots, auras and glowing lines. 

This Afrofabulist alternate reality is a playground for creative exploration, which draws on immersive technologies and embodied ritual practice. A landscape for transformative encounters. It calls into question how much we can trust our senses through an exploration of atypical perception.

Photo: Dimitri Djuric


Artist Reviews

"In the temporary communities gathered in the project’s architecture, there is an active joy to be found in the constellations and patterns that form us, and mark us each as the imposters in each other’s lived normality."

The Quietus


Artist Video Media Presentation

Photo: Anya Arnold

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