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Wet Mess


Performance Dates , Time + Venue

11 - 25 August, 20.30

Zoo Southside



Show Description

In 'TESTO', Wet Mess Wet Messifies the messiness of life with teeth and one chin hair; exploring transitions, testosterone, the edges of drag, the blurry line between performance and reality, character and self, and the magical in the mundane. Meet me at the computer of confused edges, for some guttural sexuality, too many images, where the made up shit becomes real.

Wearing our insides on the outsides, and waiting for the hateful crunchy key change. Expect mustache meals, desktop dreams, dykey desires, underwhelming overwhelm, trotting, lolling, humping, titting, farting, pinching at the dull flesh of life here and here and here and here and here and here. It's quite like, uh, I just back away, I, don’t perceive me, I'm in the wall.

Hoping you will understand 

Sincerely Wet xx

Photo: Helen Murray


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