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Krishna Istha

First Trimester

Show Description

Krishna is currently working on the first two parts of their new work titled 'M:Otherhood Project' —a trilogy of performance pieces, spanning an unknown number of years to come, mirroring their journey into motherhood from a trans perspective. 'First Trimester' (Part 1) is a 1-to-1 interactive durational performance where Krishna interviews 100s of people live, in a quest to find them the “perfect” sperm donor. 

So far Krishna has spoken to 198 people across three countries & 57 hours of personal conversation witnessed by hundreds of audiences. Topics of upbringing, adoption, LGBTQIA+ experience, politics, climate change, cultural heritage and many more are explored as well as likes, dislikes, favourite films and juicy gossip as Krishna generously unpacks what it means to be a trans person hoping to have a child in today’s world.

'Second Trimester' (Part 2) is a performance piece created and performed by Krishna and their mother, Geetha, and will be performed when Krishna is finally pregnant.

Photo: Rankin

Company Information

Krishna Istha is a London-based performance artist, theatre maker, comedian and writer. They create socially conscious, form-pushing works about taboo or underrepresented experiences of gender, race and sexual politics.

Most recently, they wrote on Netflix’s Sex Education (Season 4, Episode 3), is a Netflix Documentary Talent Fund recipient, and one of the comedians featured on the Netflix Special Hannah Gadsby’s Gender Agenda. Their work has toured to and been supported by Battersea Arts Centre, Roundhouse London, Marlborough Productions, Auckland Pride, Warehouse9 Copenhagen, The Blue Room Perth & Malthouse Melbourne. Krishna is a trustee of Raze Collective and as a performer/collaborator has worked with Adrienne Truscott, Zoe-Coombs Mars, Ursula Martinez, Michelle Williams Gamaker amongst others.


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