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Ziza Patrick


Show Description

'Dandyism' is a statement of how African cultures have and continue to influence Western cultures.

Dandyism dance is inspired by the gentlemen of the Congo (La Sape). The appropriation of the 18th Century French and English Dandy’s flamboyance by African men was a defence and a provocation against slavery, described by some as a resistance movement, which by the 1960’s had become a phenomenon.

Through a celebration of individuality and drive for visibility, this piece embodies the raw and unrefined energy and expressive dynamism of various and diverse cultures from the African continent presented through dance and theatre.

'Dandyism' represents the ever-evolving circle of influences and appropriation as a form of empowerment in both western and diasporic communities. The focus for the work is to celebrate life and cool, as well as express a concern for humanism, gender and identity in our increasingly divided society.

Photo: Kate Green

Company Information

Ziza is a multidisciplinary performing artist and a dance-theatre maker of Rwandan heritage. He creates a variety of work that explores the themes of African tradition, and cultural norms, investigating the effect they have on people from the global south who were born or have lived in the western communities most of their lives.

His work aims to engage with unconventional performance settings and platforms to promote visibility and accessibility. He strives to create engaging and inclusive pieces that challenge the preconceived ideologies about issues such as masculinity and identity, amongst many others.


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